Right Rishta has been launched for a short amount of time and in that time, we have received nothing but overwhelming amounts of love and support from our followers, enquiries we receive daily, clients who join, other vendors/businesses who get in contact for collaboration, etc!

The reason we decided to launch was to help the younger generation who are struggling to find a spouse in this difficult era of influence and social media, our core value remains the same; personality! We get to understand you as a whole person before matching you to another. Our intentions are pure with your best interests at heart. As our process is intricate and detailed, lots of work goes in to creating your dating biography, analysing your profile, etc.

It is very early to create a testimonials page where couples who have been matched and married share their journey. Instead we wanted to share reviews our clients have found on their journey so far.

As always, I’m going to keep this short and sweet!

Firstly, for a new business with highly ambitious team, the whole experience has been no less than what one would expect from an established company.

The RR dealers are genuinely interested in your character and what you are looking for in your future partner.

The whole process is very friendly, and the dealers treat you like a friend rather than a client which makes it easy to open up for the sensitive information.

They have excellent structures and analytic tools that help put down on paper what your character is like and which matches would ideally suit you. And of course, they do all the leg work for you and come out to see you when convenient for food filled exciting meetings.

Over all it’s been a pleasure meeting the dealers and can only recommend the service to everyone (even if you are shy, they keep everything confidential) so don’t hesitate!

And also, social media game strong 💪🏼

The girls who work at Right Rishta are the most professional and friendly girls I have met. From the start I was hesitant in joining due to previous experiences with other Rishta ‘aunties’ but Nadia and Saniya are nothing like them. I have managed to form a very special relationship with these girls and they have made the whole process so easy. In fact, I don’t have to do anything, and all the work is done for me.

I found the personality tool to be quite riveting. I am a big believer in ensuring that my future spouse has a similar personality to me and this tool does exactly that. It makes a change moving away from the ‘norm’ of just looks and location and focuses strictly on personality. Looks fade and personality stays, this is what the girls at Right Rishta focus on which is an excellent way to match people.

I follow Right Rishta on Instagram and Facebook and I love how the content is rich in detail about their service and general discussion about relationships. My perception on finding the one based on age, location, occupation has totally changed due to their personality tool. I am now focussed on wanting to find someone whose personality is like mine (but not completely) and I have full faith that these girls will be able to find me the man of my dreams.

If you want to move away from the traditional way of finding someone and want a modern twist, then this is right place to look. You won’t regret it!

Right from the off, the RR team showed a lot of professionalism. From the way they conducted themselves to the questions they’d ask, to the knowledge they impart on you, I left my initial consultation feeling relaxed and confident that this was going to be a successful journey.

I like the fact that the tool focuses heavily on personality traits. In a world where we focus so much on aesthetics, it’s refreshing to see a service that cuts through the way someone looks and focuses on their personalities. Of course, attraction is important, but the unique thing about the RR team is that they focus on the fact that personality shines.

I didn’t know what to expect when I filled out the personality tool, but as I was asked the questions, I could see that they were helping me build the perfect spouse. They then take it away and try to find someone who matches my requirements as much as possible! The quick-fire round is a good way to get honest answers because I wasn’t able to dwell on my responses for too long so everything I said was already on my mind.

I tried other avenues before hearing about RR and I truly believe I’ve found a service that is really going to help me find a spouse that is right for me.

Finally, the two girls are young, modern brits who truly do understand the needs of young British Muslims and that’s what makes this service great. They really do understand their clients’ needs because they themselves, are in the same boat!
I’m definitely pleased that I found the service and I think Right Rishta is the way to go about getting the Right Rishta for you… no pun intended.

I would like to start off by saying how impressed I was and still am with the service. I’d be lying if I said I was super nervous to join as I’ve had bad experiences with other dating services. But I can 100% say from day 1 you both made me feel so at ease and were willing to listen to what I want! Rather than imposing what you as a company think the ‘ideal’ life partner is. I loved how interested you were to find out about me and the type of person I would want. I also really appreciate how much you stay in contact, it makes me feel like a valued client and that you care and not just another name on your books. I will be recommending you guys to anyone that’s looking to get married I can’t stress enough how good your service is wishing you all the best and tons of success in this business venture of yours!!

I signed up with Right Rishta over a month ago and so far, I have been nothing short of impressed with everything. My Rishta Dealer, Saniya, has been truly fantastic throughout the whole process. Her passion truly resonates through her work and this is one of the factors that draws you into signing up for the company. Not only that, but Saniya, as well as being fervently devoted to finding her clients the perfect match, also brings honesty and frankness to the table, which is an excellent and very important quality that the matchmaking industry needs and also lacks. Saniya is someone who isn’t just a Rishta Dealer but is now someone I call a dear friend. She has guided me extremely well throughout the process – the personality test, I initially thought would be something that is very standard. However, the questions and the quickfire round soon changed my perception entirely and I was pleasantly surprised. You are also required to ‘build a spouse’ and you are told that no requirement is too fussy, although reasonableness is something that is very much appreciated. The idea of analysing personalities is truly a USP and very unique and it was high time that this was brought into the market (what took you so long guys?! 😉) anyway, to have two girls my age really put a whole entire spin on a concept that is so daunting to many of us is amazing and I have full faith that they have our best interests at heart – if you are having any doubts about joining, please don’t! The girls truly live up to what the advertise and truly personalise each aspect to their client. If you’re looking for traditionalism with a modern twist, with societal pressure looming over your head and stuck in a rut, unsure where to turn to, then Right Rishta is the place for you! I promise you, you will not regret it 😍

I couldn’t sing enough praises of the service. From day one Saniya and Nadia have made me feel nothing but comfortable about the process considering it can be an awkward one. The unique idea of the modern day Rishta aunty is what attracted me, but the excellent service is why I stayed. I felt Saniya and Nadia spent a lot of time trying to get to know me as a person and not just what I wanted in a partner.

I feel my every need and requirement was taken in to consideration and not once was I made to feel uncomfortable talking about it. I have told all my friends about Right Rishta and my positive experience and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a spouse.

Firstly, I was pleasantly surprised by Right Rishta. At first I didn’t think the personality tool would play such an effective role in Matchmaking but after receiving my first match I can see exactly why this process was carried out.

No regards to the biography element, I didn’t think someone could sum me up in words (basically I didn’t think you could describe my personality). However, I asked my match what she thought, and she said I was exactly how I was told I would be.

So far, I’m really happy I signed up with Right Rishta and have recommended several friends to get in touch.

I am actually quite fond of the personality tool, think it can definitely help matching as it can get rid of any hassle i.e matching someone based on a basic profile to then find out compatibility is non-existent. I think the personality tool gives you guys a major advantage over others as the service is much more personal and the relationship with the dealer is more in depth and therefore allowing the dealer a better insight into myself as a person which will help with the matching process.

Also, the dating Biography is a great way of presenting information.

Overall, you guys are on the right track and doing very well. Keep up the good work.

I have found Right Rishta to be a very welcoming service thus far.

The dealers are genuinely excited to match you with the person of your dreams and they take the time to get to know the real you and the basis of what gets you clicking.

Nadia really becomes your friend and is so easy to talk to and laugh with.

The tool is a really interesting measure that teaches you about yourself, it is interesting to see if the matches and I are on the same wavelength (awaiting being matched)

Right Rishta’s presence is growing and I see them helping thousands of serious couples find each other in the coming year, inshallah.


My experience with Right Rishta so far has been very pleasant. My Rishta dealer has been Nadia and throughout my whole experience so far she has been extremely helpful and attentive. The customer service has been impeccable and I have received fast and prompt responses every time I have contacted Nadia.

The Personality Tool is effective in discovering what you need/want in a partner but also what is compatible to you. I feel it’s a good way to make an informed decision on a life partner as sometimes if you go down other routes (Rishta aunties) you don’t have this type of knowledge to give you reassurance that you could go the distance.

I absolutely love the bio element of the service and think it’s a lovely personal touch! Nadia has captured me in my bio perfectly! It’s a lovely little introduction to someone when you get a match a good ice breaker and conversation starter!

Although I am yet to meet my match I am extremely happy with the service and KNOW for sure that Nadia will find me the one! I will also be recommending this service to my family once I’m married!!
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