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We are young, vibrant, professional ladies who have experienced being mismatched by ‘auntie jee’s’, friends, dating sites, our parents and so on. When coming together and sharing our frustrations and struggles amongst the topic, we came to the realisation that the views about marriage in society is purely down to a lack of experience. Our generation has developed at an increasingly fast rate yet our route to marriage still remains traditional.

We have been in your shoes! We know what you are going through! We are experienced in going through mismatches and in return we want to offer a well-rounded service that will make this process effective and hassle free for our clients.

Right Rishta are doing something immense, something amazing, a breakthrough service that will completely change the face and stigma around the sensitive and somewhat shameful ideology. Upgrading the traditional route to marriage but still encouraging individuals to meet in a permissible Islamic way. Our dedicated team want to help our Muslim sisters and brothers find the right partner, so we aim to guide and coach you throughout the process because we understand how serious this commitment is. Our goal is to not just to match you to anyone but match you to your soul mate. Are you ready to start looking effectively? Let Right Rishta find you the perfect partner in the RIGHT way.



Talk to me about all elements of your personality! I have a background in behavioural analysis and will be able to draw out elements of your personality that you find difficult to describe. I’m here to help you make better, more authentic choices based on what you’re looking for. I have the same relationship goals as you and will not settle until I find you the perfect partner. For me, it’s about matching people for lasting compatibility.  


Consider me as your modern day Rishta Aunty with a twist! Over the years, I have been frustrated with the judgements made about me such as, my looks, education, jobs etc. Well this time I am not having it! I am here to help you and of course families to establish, who exactly would be able to fit into their family perfectly and who is right for them, and I am not talking about superficially but instead personality. So what makes you tick? What traits do you have that you would similarly like someone else to have? This is what we will find out together.


I specialise in Islamic Family law and can enlighten you to what makes a successful Muslim marriage. Having recently committed to my partner and tied the knot, I can explain to you, your rights and responsibilities which will help your marriage flourish. You know what they say happy wife, happy life!


We aim to match personalities, personal requirements about geographical locations, your views about culture and roles in marriage. We achieve this through by being by your side, a person you can communicate with as opposed to other services where there is no interaction with the matchmaker. We carefully analyse your requirements and match to a person who we believe is suitable to you, mixing ingenuity with the latest ground-breaking technology. We then analyse your profile and the person you are interested in to determine if you’re a match.

Our experience combined with our technology will reveal everything from what would make you incredible together to what possible challenges you may face in a relationship. We know that good relationships require more than a simple chemical attraction, so you need character traits that will mesh well together so the two of you can begin to build an amazing life together.

We are interested in more than your cosmetic build, such as, eye colour, height, hair type, etc, but what makes you tick. We use carefully selected scenarios and questions to build a profile of you and this is where the process begins. The compatibility test will establish a vast array of information that your assigned rishta dealer will use to streamline matches.

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